ICON articles published in “Ecology and Society”

We’re very happy to announce that two articles co-authored by ICON students and faculty have now been published in Ecology and Society:

Vercoe, R. A., M. Welch-Devine, D. Hardy, J. A. Demoss, S. N. Bonney, K. Allen, P. Brosius, D. Charles, B. Crawford, S. Heisel, N. Heynen, R. G. De Jesús-Crespo, N. Nibbelink, L. Parker, C. Pringle, A. Shaw, and L. Van Sant. 2014. Acknowledging trade-offs and understanding complexity: exurbanization issues in Macon County, North Carolina. Ecology and Society 19(1): 23. http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol19/iss1/art23/

Welch-Devine, M., D. Hardy, J. P. Brosius, and N. Heynen. “A pedagogical model for integrative training in conservation and sustainability”. Ecology and Society 19(2): 10.

Great work everyone!